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8th International Congress on Psychopharmacology


Registration Fees

  Until February 02nd, 2016 After February 02nd, 2016

Physicians (Psychiatrists, Pharmacologists, etc.)

200 Euros

250 Euros

Resident Physician

200 Euros

250 Euros

Company Represantative

200 Euros

250 Euros

Nurse, Obstetrician Psychologist, Social Workers 40 Euros
Graduate and Post-Graduate Students of Medical & Pharmacy Faculties,
Pharmacology and Psychology Departments,
School of Nursing and Health Services
30 Euros

External Participant

25 Euros (Daily), %18 VAT is not included in the fee

Registration dates for External Participants


Room reservations will be done through Burkon Tourism & Congress. If you do not book your room through Organizing Secretariat, you are required to pay daily hotel fee for each day you will attend the congress (25 Euros per day, per person). Daily hotel fee is requested to be paid together with the registration fee.

What is included in daily hotel fee?
Daily hotel fee includes lunch and coffee breaks served during the participated date. Guests (including participant, company representatives) will not be able to enter the facility without paying daily hotel fee for each day.

Services Included in the Registration Fee
• Congress bag, program, certificate of attendance, and badge are included in the registration fee.
• Presenters and audience of scientific meetings, companions or product promoters are all required to register.
• Registration fees should be transferred to the relevant registration account, registration form and the proof of payment should be submitted to the congress organization secretary via fax or by post before February 2nd, 2016 in order to benefit from discounted registration fee. No registration will be made on daily basis.

Registration Cancellation Conditions
• Burkon Tourism & Congress should be notified in written for all registration cancellations.
• For cancellations made until January 2nd, 2016, the registration fee will be fully refunded.
• For cancellations made until February 2nd, 2016, 50% of the registration fee will be refunded.
• For registration cancellations made after February 2nd, 2016, no refund will be made but participant name change will be accepted.

All refunds will be made after the meeting is over.

Participant Information
Office Telephone:  
Home Telephone:  
Mobile Telephone: 

Payment Details

  Bank Account Number for Registration Fee Payment

  Total Registration Fee :     EUROS     TL  

  Psikofarmakoloji Derneği
Yapı Kredi Bank İstanbul Bağlarbaşı Branch

Euro Account No 82423515
IBAN No for Euro Account TR380006701000000082423515
Swift Code YAPITRIS34
TL Account No 68970865
IBAN No for TL Account TR440006701000000068970865

Amount of money above has been paid into the bank account which is below the date 

Account Number for the External Participant Fee Payment

   Credit Card                          Money Transfer                      Mail Order

 External Participant Fee :   EUROS     TL Please charge my credit card.

 Euro rate      CENTRAL BANK OF THE REPUBLIC OF TURKEY Euro rate is based on.

Burkon Turizm ve Kongre Org. Ltd. Şti.
Akbank Çekirge Branch, Bursa

Branch Code 605
Euro Account No 79641
IBAN No for Euro Account TR980004600605036000079641
TL Account No 53958
IBAN No for TL Account TR610004600605888000053958

Amount of money above has been paid into the bank account which is below the date 

Credit Card Information

Credit Card Number :
Security Code : (The last 3 numbers on the back of credit cards)
Expiration Date :    /   

Card Holder's Name / Surname :

Card Holder's Address :

* Participants that will not accommodate in the congress hotel should pay the External Participant fee along with the registration fee in order to register.


Scientific Secretariat
Caddebostan Mah. Bağdat Cad. Birgen İş Merkezi 226/7
Çiftehavuzlar - Kadıköy 34728 - ISTANBUL / TURKEY
Phone & Fax: +(90) 216 464 28 88
E-Mail: drtutuncu@yahoo.com
Organization Secretariat
Çekirge Cad. No:51/2
Osmangazi - Bursa / TURKEY
Phone: +(90) 224 233 40 00
Fax: +(90) 224 233 80 00
E-mail: secretariat@psychopharmacology2016.org